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He's an author of works for children and young people. In this book, he brings an adventure full of funny animals, who get into a lot of trouble during a long journey on the waters.

In addition to his work aimed at small readers, he is studying post-doctoral studies in Intelligence Technologies and Digital Design and has a doctorate in Communication and Semiotics. He was also a researcher in fantastic literature and cinema, in France and Argentina. Before that, he took a master's degree in Social Communication and graduated in Journalism and Letters.

Whether as a writer or as a researcher, monsters and animals have been part of his objects of interest for a long time. And he loves making up stories about them.

Today, it has more than fifty published fiction titles, which are part of the collection of Brazilian kids.


Ana Guima, artistic signature of Ana Rita de Freitas Guimarães, was born in São Paulo in November 1975. She is an educator, visual artist and artisan.He graduated in Pedagogy from USP and completed the Specialization course in Art and Education – Teaching, Art and Culture (NACE NUPAE/ECA USP).He worked for 15 years in Elementary School. She has two works published as an illustrator by ÔZé Editora:The legend of the three oranges,by Bettina Bopp (1st ed.2011)
andWhere did Maria Borralheira's father go?, by Zeco Homem de Montes (
1st ed.2013), both originally made with cutting and sewing in fabric and then photographed. She is one of the members of the Trans-ver Collective of art.






The Mexican author and illustrator collaborates with digital and print magazines. He won first place in the National Cartel Competition (2017) and first place in the Catalogue of Illustrators (2018), both organized by the Mexican Ministry of Culture.
His work was selected for the IX Ibero-American Illustration Catalogue. He is among the winners of the 56th Illustrators' Exhibition at the Bologna Children's Book Fair (2022).






She is an illustrator, writer and actress. Master in Arts from the Institute of Arts of UNESP. He illustrated several books, such as Where's Chick? e The troubled ones who move, both by Márcia Leite (Editora Pulo do Gato); Fables of La Fontaine, by Fernanda Lopes de Almeida (Editora Melhoramentos) e Alberta and the bluebird, by Cristina Mutarelli (Editora Terceiro Nome). Released, in 2020, river wire (Emília Seal), his first authorial book.  

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Anna Cunha is an illustrator with a degree in Fine Arts from UEMG and a postgraduate degree in Illustration from EINA - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

She has illustrated more than 30 books for Brazilian and foreign publishers and has been awarded the Jabuti, FNLIJ, AEILIJ and Northern Lights (US) prizes. He has had titles nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal (UK), selected for The White Ravens Catalog and the Bologna Catalog. He was among the Brazilian illustrators selected for the Bratislava Illustration Biennale 2019, 2021 and 2023.



Anna Flora is a historian graduated from PUC-SP and Master in Theater from ECA-USP. He has fifty-one books published. In partnership with Ruth Rocha, he won the Jabuti Award three times: best textbook in 1997 and 2010 and Book of the Year in 2000.






Bárbara Quintino is from Minas Gerais, an illustrator and a lover of good cheese bread. She fell in love with the world of colors and textures at an early age with her stepfather - it was colored pencils, paper and crayons all over the house. When she grew up, she ended up venturing down various paths, but it was studying Architecture and Urbanism that she made peace with drawing. She currently studies graphic design and collaborates on visual communication projects, animation and, above all, children's books and stories that to some extent intertwine with her own, as well as those of various black people. They are layers of colors, feelings and strong textures that vibrate in her body and are expanded through the joy of being able to express herself, always with great affection, through illustrations.





Bel Assunção Azevedo studied Social Sciences at PUC-SP and currently writes her own texts, based on her research on popular culture. Your first storyTita and Lola, was published in 2010 by the magazineNew school.





Bettina Bopp was born and lives in São Paulo. He studied Literature at PUC in São Paulo and has always taught and told stories to children. He has written and adapted plays and has two awards on his resume: Stimulus Award, for the adaptation of Ópera Carmemfor children, and the Panamco Prize, for the children's playBefore the Spell Spreads. by ÔZéPublisher, adaptedThe Legend of the Three Oranges. Bettina has a blog calledFor whenyou wake up, has three children and many ideas...



The illustrator lives in Belo Horizonte. In 2020, 2021 and 2022 she was a finalist for the Jabuti Prize. In 2021, 2022 and 2023 she received the Cátedra Unesco PUC-Rio seal. Her work has been selected by Crescer magazine as one of the "Best of the Year", by FNLIJ as "Highly Recommended", by the National Library Literary Award (Sylvia Orthof Award) and by the CELLIJ/UNESP Award.

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Jornalista e escritor sobre literatura para a infância desde 2010, principalmente no
jornal Folha de S.Paulo. Além deste “A Língua do Vendaval”, tem outro livro publicado
para crianças e jovens: “Corpo de Passarinha”, que venceu o prêmio Barco a Vapor. Já
para os adultos, lançou “Alarido” e “Férias na Disney”, ambos de poesia. Atualmente mora
em Portugal, onde faz mestrado em escrita criativa na Universidade de Coimbra.

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Candu Marques and Lu Mendes are psychologists specialized in the field of education, partners at the consultancy Lumec Educação e Cultura. They develop educational projects together with communities, day care centers, schools and education systems. Culture and literature have been resources used in its activities, whether related to pedagogical projects or training of groups of educators.

Trainers of the "Educar para Reciclar" Project for Educators from 35 elementary schools in the city of Itapevi, São Paulo.

Authors of the books: CAZA, A Matrix of Many Zezinhos, about the NGO Casa do Zezinho together with Dagmar Garroux
and Levi Mendes Jr , published by Editora OZé in 2013 and A Cultura Popular generating ideas in Early Childhood Education - Pedagogical Itinerary, published by Editora OZé in 2012.

They are responsible  for the pedagogical project and application of the Pedagogical Itinerary  in Early Childhood Education in municipal schools in the city of São Bento de Sapucaí in the state
from Sao Paulo. They have followed and supervised this work since 2009.

They participate in and coordinate a  implementation and monitoring of projects related to popular culture in private schools, such as the Centro de Educação Infantil Espaço Aberto (since 2001) and institutions aimed at children and young people at risk, such as a  Casa do Zezinho (since 1990) and Projeto Quixote (since 2006), in the city of São Paulo.

Responsible for implementing the Pé de Jabuticaba Literature and Popular Culture Project in five municipalities in three Brazilian states: Sorocaba, Pindamonhangaba and Mogi das Cruzes, in São Paulo; Rio Verde, in Goiás; Barreiras, in Bahia, always in partnership with the municipal education departments.


Carla Caruso has been writing and illustrating books for eighteen years.  Graduated in Letters from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. It publishes several literary genres: fiction, informative and poetry. He has already received some awards, including the Jabuti, in 2010. He lives between São Paulo, his hometown and Montevideo, Uruguay. It is always in contact with its readership in different cultural spaces.

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Carlos Clémen, a visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer, was born in Buenos Aires in 1942 and has lived in Brazil since 1971.

He studied drawing, engraving, painting and sculpture from 1955 to 1963 at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, at Juan Carlos Castagnino's studio and at the Sociedad Estímulo de Bellas Artes. He works for publishers, newspapers and magazines in São Paulo as an illustrator and graphic designer and teaches courses at various studios and institutions. He has taken part in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Brazil and abroad.

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Carlos Moraes is a gaucho based in São Paulo. He worked as a journalist for the magazines Realidade, Psicologia Atual, Nossa América and Ícaro. He is a writer of books for children, youth and adults, among them The Timon's Revenge, winner of the 1981 Jabuti Prize. The great strength of his text lies in the humor of the dialogues, in the critical view without being pamphleteer and in the unusual comparisons that respect the intelligence of children and young readers.


Cesar Landucci is from São Paulo, graduated in Visual Arts from FAAP. He worked for twenty years as an art editor for several publishing houses and currently has his own studio. In 1993, he received the Jabuti Prize for graphic design for the collection “Acorda, bicho homem”, from the FTD publisher, and the Malba Tahan Prize for the book Leonardo da Vinci, published by Cortez Editora.



Visual Artist (designer, illustrator, sculpture and conceptual artist), specializing in Editorial Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design in São Paulo. Graduated in Industrial Design with an emphasis on Product Design, she focused on author projects. She worked as a designer and production manager for H. Stern (jewelry) and as a designer and sculptor for Kinder Ferrero (toys). She was coordinator of the Istituto Europeo di Design, in Rome, Italy. He has developed projects for playful culture with the Italian NGO Progetto Quale Gioco and develops training projects for human development together with the Italian NGO Progetto Persona. Since 2004, he has been dedicated to researching creative processes in visual arts and producing illustrated albums, having studied and collaborated with great names in European author illustration. He participated as an artist  in several exhibitions in national and international territory. In addition to illustrations, he is currently dedicated to Toys Art. Since 2005, he has been advising professionals at the most important Design and Publishing fairs in the world and giving workshops in Brazil and Italy.

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Graduated in Visual Arts in Salvador, Bahia. She has studied Photography in Rio de Janeiro and Paris, France, to study Contemporary Art.
He illustrated the book Abrapoema seeking the beauty of simplicity.

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Cristiane Velasco was born in São Paulo and for more than 20 years has been teaching courses and performing artistic narrations for children and adults, retelling stories from the oral tradition of various peoples of the world. She has already written
a book for educators, a text for theater and some children's books, many of them based on her experiences working in Early Childhood Education.



Carioca born in São Paulo. As a girl, she wrote songs and plays and it was on the school stages and at the Tablado Theater that she began to
work on characters, plots and dialogues.
At the age of 14, he left Rio de Janeiro and went to live abroad, where he graduated in Anthropology and received a master's degree in Diplomacy and International Law. After fifteen years, he returned to Brazil. He currently lives in São Paulo. He did a postgraduate degree at the Vera Cruz Institute in training for writers. He wrote his first children's book for ÔZé calledYou can call me Dodo.

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David Wapner nasceu em Buenos Aires, na Argentina, em 1957. É poeta, contador de histórias e músico, autor de livros de poesia e ficção, muitos deles para crianças. Seu primeiro livro de contos para crianças, El otro Gardel, foi publicado em 1989. Pela sua produção para o público infantil, recebeu o prestigiado prêmio Destacados de ALIJA (IBBY da Argentina) e, em 2006, ganhou o Los Mejores, concedido pelo Banco del libro de Venezuela (IBBY da Venezuela). 



Deborah Engelender is an art educator and works with workshops for children and educators. She is from Rio de Janeiro, has lived in Portugal and currently lives in the city of Tiradentes, in Minas Gerais.



Diego Francisco Sánchez Rodríguez, or Dipacho, was born in Bogotá, Colombia. He writes and illustrates children's books, many of which have been published in Brazil. The Red Bull is his debut for ÔZé.

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Elisa Carareto was born in 1986 in the city of Ribeirão Preto, in São Paulo. During his childhood, his parents moved to Jaboticabal, where he grew up and began to draw. In 2009, formed em Image and Sound by UFSCar. Since 2010, she lives in São Paulo and works as an illustrator. In 2014, she was selected to be part of the 5th Iberoamerican Catalog of Illustration and to participate in the exhibition "Narrative Compulsion", organized by Sesc Vila Mariana. In 2016, he co-directed the art for the animated series Vivi Viravento (with Marcella Tamayo and Juan Herrera Prado). In 2018, she was selected as a finalist for the Golden Pinwheel award and illustrated her first book “A Avó Amarela”, published by  ÔZé Editora. In 2020, in a new partnership with ÔZé, she was also the illustrator of the book "Maremoto".

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Born in São Paulo and since childhood, she loves to read and listen to stories. She is a publicist and pedagogue and has been teaching elementary school children for 20 years. I love teaching and learning with them. It was the children who inspired her to write short stories. That's why he went to do a postgraduate course to learn more about children's literature. Alcateia is his first book, published by ÔZé Editora. 

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Felipe Valério was born on an island with a long name, in Santa Catarina, but it was in São Paulo that he learned to rain. When I was little, I cut out words, kept them in a bag and shook them well. Legend has it that amazing stories are born that way. He has written for grown-ups and for children. In 2009, he published the novel Hotel Trombose (Edith), adapted for the theater by Cia do Mofo. He has participated in the anthologies Mamãe, I'm Just Here for a Quick Visit (Edith), Granja (Casa Printer de Almería) and Isto É… Escola (Bamboo Editorial). He was one of the guest authors of the literary intervention Caligrama-Consigo, organized by the writer Marcelino Freire, who occupied the spaces of SESC Santana, in 2012. When he is not writing for humans (or cutting words), he writes for brands at Fragma, a language studio strategy it created in 2018.



He holds a degree in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo - FAU/USP, where he currently teaches. He developed his professional career as a teacher and plastic artist, and has constantly participated in individual and group exhibitions. He is also the author of small-print books that value the original print. He received the 1st prize at the Eighth Engraving Exhibition of the City of Curitiba, in 1988, and was awarded the Bolsa Vitae de Arte/ Engraving in 1996. Currently, he continues to develop his painting, drawing and engraving work.

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The illustrator was born in Tehran, Iran. She lived in Italy for seven years and now lives in Brazil. She has published books in several countries and participated in exhibitions on five continents, such as the Noma Concours for Picture Book Illustrations in Japan, the Nami Concours in South Korea, the Bratislava Biennial of Illustrations in Slovakia and the Illustrators' Exhibition at the Bologna Children's Book Fair in Italy.

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Born and raised in São Paulo. He spent almost all his school holidays in his parents' cities, in Bahia. He lived in Berlin and one day he will visit Japan.

Since childhood, he has been very fond of stories. Therefore, she has a degree in Cinema (FAAP) and Literature (USP), and a master's degree in German literature (FFLCH-USP). He has worked for 10 years as an assistant director, helping teams to tell stories in commercials, films and series.

In 2019, he won an award – the ProAc – for publishing his first book. In it, you'll meet a princess, a dragon and a soldier... characters like you've never seen before.



Flávia Reis attended faculdade de Direito, specialization in Literature at PUC-SP, Master in Letters at USP, and is currently a doctoral student and performs_cc781905-5cde-3194-6badumcf-518d research work on Imaginary, Culture and Freedom in Literature for Children and Youth. Wrote some books aimed at young audiences. Maremoto is seventh on the list and the first with OZé publisher.

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Gastón Hauviller cresceu em um subúrbio próximo à cidade de Buenos Aires, na Argentina. Na escola, era um garoto tímido que preocupava seus professores pela quantidade de cores que usava para pintar o sol. Sua formação profissional variada inclui estudos em animação, belas artes, psicologia, cinema e literatura. Há 15 anos, trabalha como ilustrador e escritor de literatura infantil.


Gene Johnson was born in the United States, having his works exhibited in the United States, Brazil, Cuba and Europe. He works with engravings, paintings and collages. He divides his time between the Ilhabela studio, in São Paulo, Mexico and New York.



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He has been from Paraná since the 1960s and has lived in São Paulo for 34 years. For 10 years he was assistant to the writer Caio Fernando Abreu. Edited his book of chronicles,little epiphanies(1996). He also worked with the writers Lygia Fagundes Telles and João Silvério Trevisan.

He debuted in literature in 2009, with the collection of short stories Fábulas Farsas. Since I was a child, I liked to make arts with words.the mischievous boyit is a small example of this, which he continues to do today. He is also a yoga teacher, which is a serious way of playing with the body, twisting and squirming... As the mischievous boy says, “I am a twisted and confused screw; I need a key to defend me.”


Guto Lacaz is an architect and plastic artist. His work is recognized by critics and adored by the public. Humor, invention and surprise are elements that are always present in his works and in the children's and youth literary texts he illustrates. These characteristics match well with literature for children and young people, as they refer to childhood pranks, “make-believe” games and children's games.

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Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, he moved to São Paulo with his parents at the age of six.

When she was little, she used to “draw music”, using her huge headphones. He never stopped drawing.

The dream of illustrating children's books began in a small bookstore, Klaxon, where he worked part-time while studying Fine Arts.

Since then, he has been an artist's assistant, an art teacher's assistant, worked on Bienal montages, interned in a graphic design office, illustrated magazines for a few years... until, finally, he started illustrating books.

He has published 40 books, some of them translated into foreign languages.

This is a very special book for her: the editor, Zeco, was also the owner of the Klaxon bookstore, where she began to dream of what she does today. It was for him who illustrated this book.

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Isol Misenta nasceu em Buenos Aires, na Argentina, em 1972. Estudou na Escuela de Bellas Artes Rogelio Yrurtia. Além de ilustrar, também escreve vários dos seus livros. Publicou mais de vinte títulos infantis, muitos deles traduzidos no Brasil, como A costura (Pequena Zahar), Ter um patinho é útil (Sesi-SP) e Petit, o monstro (Movimenta). Recebeu prêmios da Asociación de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil de la Argentina (ALIJA) e do Banco del Libro de Caracas. Foi finalista do Prêmio Hans Christian Andersen em 2006 e 2008. Em 2013, ganhou o Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, um dos maiores prêmios mundiais da literatura infantil e juvenil.



Jacques Fux is the author of biographies, novels and academic essays. With a PhD in comparative literature from UFMG and the Université de Lille, he was a researcher at Harvard University and has written, among others: Antiterapias, winner of the São Paulo Prize; Meshugá, winner of the Manaus Prize; Literatura e Matemática, winner of the Capes Prize and APCA finalist; O enigma do infinito, FNLIJ Highly Recommended Seal and Jabuti Prize finalist; As coisas de que não me lembro, sou; Mary Anning e o pum dos dinossauros and Herança. His books and short stories have been published in Italy, Mexico, Peru, Israel, the United States and France. A voracious reader, he has a special passion for Grande Sertão: Veredas.

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Janaina Tokitaka holds a degree in visual arts from the University of São Paulo and began her career as a writer in 2010, when she published her first illustrated album,There's a monster in my garden. Since then, he has published forty other works for children and young people. your booksScales(Editor Cortez, 2014) andIndia ink(Editora Cortez, 2016) received the "Highly Recommendable" seal by FNLIJ - National Foundation for Children's and Youth Literature;ScalesandThe tree: the three pathswere selected to represent Brazil in the catalog of the Bologna International Children's Book Fair. She was the Brazilian illustrator selected for the BIB - Unesco 2016 workshop, at the Bratslav International Biennial, in Slovakia. He teaches free courses on literature and illustration produced for children at institutions such as MIS - Museu da Imagem e do Som, ECA - USP, Escola do MAM and Escola do MASP.



Jayme Loureiro was born in São Paulo in 1961, where he lives to this day. Professor and researcher in the field of Brazilian Literature, he holds a degree in History (USP), a Master's in Communication and Semiotics (PUC-SP) and a PhD in Brazilian Literature (USP). During the 1990s, he had a small bookstore specializing in Human Sciences, Mercador de Livros. He has published two children's books:Pecans(2011) andUnder the orders of Major Costinha and other stories from the animal world(2013), both by ÔZé Editora.





João Loureiro, 1972, holds a Master's degree in Visual Poetics from ECA-USP (2007) and a degree in Visual Arts from FAAP (1995). He has made solo shows such as “Pedra que Repete”, at Casa da Imagem (2013), “Fim da Primeira Parte”, at Galeria Vermelho (São Paulo, 2011), “Blue Jeans”, at the Octógono de Arte Contemporânea Project of the Pinacoteca do Estado (São Paulo, 2011). São Paulo, 2009) e  “Reaparition”, at the Paço Imperial (Rio de Janeiro, 2008). Participated in the exhibitions “Open Borders/Crossroads Vancouver Biennale” (Vancouver, 2014), “Panoramas do Sul – 18th International Contemporary Art Festival SESC/Videobrasil”, at SESC Pompéia (São Paulo, 2013), _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_“In Situ – Arte en el Espacio Publico, in San Carlos de Bariloche, (Argentina ,2012), “Chaos and Effect”, at Instituto Itaú Cultural (2011), “MAM at OCA: Brazilian Art in the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo”, at OCA (São Paulo, 2006), “Panorama of Brazilian Art”, at the Museum of Modern Art   (São Paulo, 2005) and “20 Artists - 20 Years ”, at the São Paulo Cultural Center (São Paulo, 2002). Recebeu em 2004 a Bolsa Vitae de Artes Visuais, e em 2007 foi premiado no Edital  Arte e Patrimônio - IPHAN/MINC/Petrobras, carrying out the permanent installation “JAZ”, in São Miguel das Missões, in Rio Grande do Sul.



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Born in Rio de Janeiro, graduated in journalism, he worked in magazines at Editora Abril and Agência Reuters. As a children's author, he wrote O Vento de Oalab (SM Editions), winner of the Barco a Vapor Award and the International Latino Book Awards; and Papo reto & Papo curvo (Editora do Brasil), winner of the Off-Flip Award and pre-finalist of the Jabuti Award. The book was also included in the Brazilian catalog of the FNLIJ (Fundação Nacional do Livro Infantil e Juvenil) at the Bologna Book Fair.

This one, Sagatrissuinorana (ÔZé Editora) was a way he found to honor all the love I feel for the powerful (p)rose of my monumental namesake.

capa saga .jpg


She is the granddaughter of Esmeralda and Beatriz since 1986, from São João del Rei, Minas Gerais. One day he found a photo in which they were wearing identical models but in different colors and decided to nickname them Yellow Grandma and Blue Grandma to match. It was a blast! When she became an adult, she invented a character called Temporina (also an actress and composer, from Grupo Ponto de Partida) for Esmeralda, when she became an adult. made a story that became a book, the first of all. Growing up so close to their love turned her bright orange.

Juliana Storto.jpg


Juliana Storto was born in São Paulo and is an illustrator. Her first book, O dia se desdobra, by Edições Barbatana, won the FNLIJ 2023 Revelation Illustrator Award.



Juliana Valverde was born in Salvador (BA) in 1980 and lives in São Paulo (SP). She is a master and doctoral student in Literature and Literary Criticism, at PUC-SP, and a specialist in literary creation, at the Vera Cruz Institute (2014). She was awarded the ProAC for literature in 2014, 2019 and 2020. She was awarded in the Third Lamparina Publica Contest, in 2018. She is the author of three children's books, all published by ÔZé: "Mindinho Maior de Todos" (2017) - which received the Unesco Chair of Reading PUC-RJ 2017 seal; “Abrapoema” (2020) – which received the highly recommended seal from FNLIJ 2020 in the Poetry category and the Unesco Reading Chair seal PUC-RJ 2020; and “I, whoa!” (2020). She is the creator of the Literary Mindinho project. signalso the multimedia projectThe: (2014) and the book of poems “Between two or more white spaces” (Lamparina Luminosa, 2017). 

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Kris Palo is a plastic artist graduated from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado - FAAP / SP. She is a researcher, producer and exhibitor of abstract art and digital art. illustrated the bookStories in hai kaiby ÔZé in 2021.

Histórias em Hai-kai


Laerthe de Moraes Abreu Jr. is an educator trained in Pedagogy, Master and Doctor in Education, with a postdoctoral degree from the University of Minho, in Portugal. He is a professor at the University of São João del-Rei, in Minas Gerais.



He is an actor in the Ponto de Partida Group. Lyricist, he participated in the soundtrack of several shows of the group, such as: Pra Nhá Terra, A vaquinha Lelé, Par, Roda que rola e Presente de vô. He also made partnerships with Pablo Bertola for the CD O Menino e o Poeta. In 2019, he released his first book: Where they gave these rails.

capa_o coracao de plastico.jpeg


Luise Weiss teaches Fine Arts at Unicamp and Universidade Santa Marcelina. He carries out artistic research in which he focuses on engravings, photographs and videos whose thematic axes are Memory and Time.

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o tempo da um tempo capa.jpeg


Márcia Leite was born in São Paulo, the city where she developed her personal and professional life. She has been writing for children and young people for over 25 years. He has books published by several Brazilian publishers, some of them awarded, such as the collection "Historinhas bem...", in partnership with the writer Caio Riter, who won the Açorianos Literature Prize in the children's category, or the youth book "Aqui entre nos ", which received the Nestlé Prize for Brazilian Literature, the Highly Recommendable seal by the FNLIJ and was translated into German. The author was a two-time finalist for the Jabuti Prize. For ÔZé, he published the bookSand castlesin 2022.



castelos capa_edited.jpg


Marco Túlio Costa was born in Minas Gerais. He has published several books for children and young people:The cat who spoke Siamese,The sheep in blue jeansanddistant death stories, which received the Jabuti Award for best children's book in 2004.





Ever since I was little, I have been collecting questions. Do you remember that the first one was: "What will I be when I grow up?". Then he grew up, studied Language Arts, worked on art-education projects in museums and discovered that living with children is a lot of fun. Since 2006, he has chosen children's literature as a profession. This is his third book in partnership with Ionit. Together, they have already publishedIn a donkey-colored kingdom when you run away(Girafinha, 2009) andThe pea that wasn't crooked but left a princess like this(Caramel, 2012).



She is an artist, scenographer and art educator, born in northeastern Brazil. The love for the art of storytellers, especially poets and puppeteers from the Northeast, led her to perform many works in the theater, such as Ofélia's Shadow Theater and Histórias que o mundo conta, both with the Caldeirão group, in São Paulo. Her experience as an educator has led her to several areas of activity, such as educational action in museums, teaching and pedagogical guidance in schools and the publication of books and articles on art and education in institutions such as Museu Afro Brasil, Escola Viva, Carta Escola, Editora Paulus and Editora Salamandra. Faz part of Trans-ver, an art collective that operates in São Paulo.

It was from his passion for puppet theater, especially shadow theater, that the illustrations for Lia and the spell of the word were born.

978-65-990107-7-4 capa Alcateia.jpeg


She is a journalist and writer. His books have been published in children's literature publishers, both Chilean and foreign. He has received important recognitions for his work, including the City of Orihuela Poetry Prize for Children, Fundación Cuatrogatos Prize, Banco del Livro de Venezuela Prize and recently, for his bookchildren,won the Academia Award, awarded by the Chilean Academy of Language to the best literary work published in 2013. In 2014, she was awarded the Narta Brunet Prize from the Council of Books and Reading, for her booknotes on the margin. In 2016 he received the Fundación Cuatrogatos Prize for the bookHidden



She is a professor at the Pontifical Catholic University - PUC / SP. She is a researcher of Children's Literature. He has published books in the academic area, and with ÔZé he published his first title in 2021, a reprint of the book stories in hai kai,originally published in 1992.



At the end of the 1980s, she felt in love with illustrating children's books, and since then she has illustrated (and also written) various titles. She has also taken part in exhibitions in Brazil and abroad and has had the joy of receiving a number of awards, including the Jabuti Award for Illustration (in 2000 and 2011 respectively for the books "Pindorama terra das Palmeiras" and "Mil e uma estrelas"). 

Histórias em Hai-kai


Born in São Paulo in 1975. É actress, playwright and theater director. He integrated the Antunes Filho Theater Research Center for 5 years and worked under his direction in the productions of Policarco Quaresma and A late Vapt-Vupt. He worked also with renowned directors Roberto Vignati and Héctor Babenco, among others. In 2001 he founded o Teatro de Areiam of the Cooperativa Paulista de Teatro, which aims to research and disseminate Brazilian popular culture. He wrote, directed and acted  in several productions of this company, including the play Língua de Boi, still shown on the program Teatro Rá-Tim-Bum on TV Cultura. Within O Teatro de Areia, he developed, at the request of Sesc-SP, the storytelling project called “Stories with poetry”, which brought biographical data and poems by several Brazilian authors to children. It was from this work that came the desire to take his own poems to this same audience, which gave rise to this first book, Lia e o título da Palavra.

O sumiço do tatu


Born in Vilhena, Rondônia, in 1990, he has lived in several states before arriving here in Campinas, São Paulo, where he studied visual arts. Natália is an author and illustrator, published her book Madalena by Editora Livros da Matriz in 2019.
He created the illustrations for the book Eu, ué! using gouache paint, colored pencils and her poetic reference from the text by Juliana Valverde.

Capa eu, ué! 2.jpg
Nelson Cruz.jpeg


Belorizontino, was born in 1957. He currently lives and works in Santa Luzia, 135 kilometers from Bento Rodrigues, Mariana and 80 kilometers from Brumadinho, in Minas Gerais. 

In 2012 the Foundation
National Children's and Youth Book – FNLIJ nominated the illustrator for the Hans Christian Andersen Award for Illustration and the IBBY Honor List. In a 32-year career, he has received the APCA (Paulista Association of Art Critics), Academia Brasileira de Letras, Monteiro Lobato, the National Library, six Jabuti awards, Best Illustration by FNLIJ and the Unesco Chair of Literature PUC-Rio-2019 mention. . This year Nelson is competing in three categories in the Jabuti award with the book Benjamina, by Miguilin publishing house.

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capa saga .jpg


He was born in São Paulo and studied architecture, but his passion for books and drawings led him to work with children's book illustrations. He illustrated more than fifty books and received awards such as the Jabuti and the Adolfo Aizen (Brazilian Union of Writers). In 2002, it received the Ofélia Fontes Award – The Best Book for Children withthe little princess fearful. He illustrated his first book for ÔZé in 2022: Sand castles.



Journalist and author, she writes a monthly column on the connection between children's literature and the environmental and social challenges of our time on Capital Reset, a digital economic journalism platform. In 2022, she published her first book: The Glow in the Dark. Born in São Paulo, she currently lives in France.

castelos capa_edited.jpg


Piero de Souza Dias Caramelli was born in São Paulo in 1994 and wrote his first book - The Valley of the Dragon - at the age of 12. Autism has brought him some difficulties, but also a privileged memory for storing information on subjects that interest him and a great ability to tell stories.
Piero has always been interested in mythological creatures and magic, and knows a lot about the subject.

capa bestiário.jpg
Rafael Sica_Retrato PB2022.jpg


Rafael Sica was born in Pelotas (RS) in 1979. In 2010, he published the book Ordinário (Companhia das Letras). In 2013, he took part in the anthology Friquinique (Beleléu) and published the album Tobogã (Narval). In 2014 he published Novela (BebelBooks) and FIM - Fácil e Ilustrado Manifesto (Beleléu). In 2017 he published the book Fachadas (Lote42). The solo exhibition O Ordinário Rafael Sica toured the Caixa Cultural units in Fortaleza, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba in 2018. In 2019 he published the book Triste (Lote42). His most recent works are the book Brasil (Caderno Listrado, 2020) and the partnership with writer Paulo Scott Meu Mundo Versus Marta (Companhia das Letras, 2021).

In 2022, she brought to life her first children's book Ninguém dormia.

ninguém dormia


He was born and lives in São Paulo. have a studio
of graphic design, where he writes and draws stories
to count in books. One of my favorite things is to tell stories with images.
It also creates the graphic design of books, which is, among other things, organizing the texts and images on the pages, defining the format, choosing the typography (the design of the letters) and the paper on which the book will be printed. It is what gives the “face” to a work. She is the designer of many of our books, and in 2021 she published the bookTatu's disappearance.

O sumiço do tatu


Regina Bertola is the director of Ponto de Partida, a theater group from Barbacena created in 1980 with the aim of making theater based on Brazilian culture. The group has staged major national authors such as Guimarães Rosa, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Manoel de Barros, Adélia Prado and Bartolomeu Campos de Queirós.



He is a graphic designer and co-founder of the magazineweather, launched in 2010 and seeks to offer an open, independent and diversified view of Chilean and world cultural themes and trends.Hiddenis his first book In 2016 he received the Fundación Cuatrogatos Prize for the bookHidden.



He is a poet and translator. Published books of poemsGround(7 Letters, 1998),Vacancy(author's ed., 1997),Object(author's ed., 1997),Breaks(7 Letters, 1998),Passing(Nankin Editorial, 2001),Terminal(7 Letters, 2006) andunder(Scrptum, 2015), and the prose bookThe Travelers and Other Short Stories(e-galaxy; Patuá, 2016). He has translated Catalan writers such as Joan Brossa, Narcís Comadira, Carles Camp Mundó and Maria Mercè-Marçal, and Mexican writers such as José Juan Tablada, Renato Leduc and Octavio Paz. He established texts by Tomás Antônio Gonzaga, Friar José de Santa Rita Durão, Manuel Inácio da Silva Alvarenga, Joaquim Manuel de Macedo and Carlos Drummond de Andrade. With the independent label Espectro Editorial, created in 2004, he has already published 51 plaques with poetry, translation and prose.The chicken and other intelligent animalsis his first book of poems for young people.





Rubens Matuck was born and lives in São Paulo. He has been an educator, plastic artist, author and environmental activist since forever, when this was not yet fashionable. His artistic training clearly shows the greatness of his talent: he was a student of Aldemir Martins, Evandro Jardim, Renina Katz, Van Acker and Sansom Flexor. With such a team, it's no wonder he became what he is: an artist as significant as his masters.


Silvana Tavano is a writer and journalist graduated from the School of Communications and Arts

from USP. After working for more than 25 years in several newspapers and magazines, he started to

writing books for young people and children, such as “Creuza em Crise – 4 Histórias de Uma

Blurred Witch” (Companhia das Letrinhas); “Speak, Animal!”, “The Zum-Zum-Zum

das Letras” and “At the End, Everything Starts Again” (Moderna); "Far away"

(Salamandra) and “As Namoradas do Meu Pai” (Girafinha), in addition to several titles

with the Callis seal: “How does it start?” and “The Mystery of Time” (selected by the

FNLIJ catalogues, respectively in 2008 and 2009, with the seal Highly

Recommended) and “Psssssssssssssiu”, nominated for Jabuti, awarded with João de

Barro de Literatura para Crianças e Jovens, in 2011, and with the White Ravens seal, in

2013. Has titles published in Argentina, Japan, China, Italy, Germany, Sweden and


"Where do you live?" is his first title by ÔZé Editora.

Onde você mora.jpeg
capa ainda.png


Born in 1957. Graduated in Psychology, she always had her eyes on childhood, development and education. She worked in a clinic with play therapy and was - for 10 years - an educational advisor at a school in São Paulo. Currently, he works on specific educational projects that are more related to culture and citizenship.He has published some titles, two of them by ÔZé Editora.


Sylvia Helena Bookk works with art-
education, teaching art courses to children and educators.A Blue Butterflyis his first illustrated book.





Tereza Meirelles was born in 1990 in São Paulo. Throughout his graduation he divided his time between psychology and drawing. For a year he studied arts at the IUNA in Buenos Aires. In addition to illustrating books, he has worked with animation, made murals and tattoos, invitations and various graphic pieces and also illustrated storyboards and scenarios.





Nina Meirelles, 1988, graduated in History from USP, but entered the field of graphic design, scenography, expography and art direction a few years ago. He made several publications, from children's books, teaching materials, invitations, posters, magazines to visual identity, museum signage and graphic part of exhibitions. He also works with art and production of exhibitions, videos, events and clips.


978-65-990107-7-4 capa Alcateia.jpeg




Vera was a full-time artist.  I woke up, thought, acted as an artist. created the

all the time. I lived an artist.

A visual artist by training, he has exhibited in Brazil, Germany, Colombia, Chile and China.

Teacher of plastics, drawing and painting in universities and for groups in

your studio. Visual arts consultant for publishing houses. Capist and illustrator.

A little bit of your multiple talents is shown in Pra Você.



Born, lives and works in São Paulo. She has a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from USP and has always liked to draw, but she went around a lot until she understood that illustration was her place. That was in 2007. Since then, he has illustrated newspapers, magazines of all kinds, books for children and adults, and everything else that a drawing can fit. And what a joy it is to illustrate a book! Even more so when it has characters as special as these.



Vivian Braga studied Industrial Design and works with Fine Arts. His stamp creations are made on paper and fabric.mother of wateris his first book illustrated with this technique.


Zeco Homem de Montes was once a bookseller and distributor, and is one of the pioneers in the city of São Paulo in creating specialized bookstores for children and young people. He continues with his work as a popularizer of children's literature, currently as an editor.




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