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14x21cm | 176 págs | R$45
ISBN 9788564571259


Three generations of a family, described by three secret diaries, telling the wars lived by each one of them: the Second World War II, the military dictatorship of the sixties and seventies in Brazil and the current urban warfare on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. A book that unsettles, dazzles and captivates. From the parallel between the three diaries, a fascinating screenplay is drawn from beginning to end, bringing timely and enriching information. The reader will know how Brazil’s participation in the Second World War took place; will follow the challenges of the people during the military dictatorship and, finally, will understand how violence in the Brazilian cities represents a new form of war. Laerthe de Moraes works with historical information, dealing at the same time with personal conflicts. Three wars unite the three stories and three family members. Rodrigo is the adolescent, whose grandfather fought in World War II and whose father participated in the resistance during the dictatorship. In the unfolding of the narrative, the more he knows about his family, the more he feels confident about himself. A powerful work.

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