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20.5X20.5 cm | 40 pages | BRL 54
ISBN 978-65-89835-27-1

No one slept, is a story to lull ghosts, those who dwell in haunted houses hiding for many years inside closets. But it is also a book about the untroubled world of stories and reading. A children's book on a picturesque landscape where characters share their home with a ghost, which depends upon the main character's breath to sleep. A thought-provoking book, reminding adults and children of those sleepless nights, those fears, and how books and stories can soothe even the most frightened relatives in a haunted house. No one slept is about insomnia, noise, silence, fright, death, and fear; a story around a little strange girl, family, housing, morality, strangeness, and the supernatural.

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