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12x18cm | 52 pág | R$45

Selection Chair 10 - 2017

PNLD Literary 2018

Poetry, by recreating life through unusual images, reveal to the reader the essence and deeper meaning of reality. This is what Juliana Valverde achieves in this sensitive book of poems, playing with words and their multiple senses. In keeping with the sensitivity and understanding of the child, the author combines playful aspects while instigating ideas. Playing with words, he delivers the surprise in small everyday events. This original approach runs through the book, as when the frog jumps into the pond and a poem appears. For this is the role of the poet: through the unusual, bringing the reader back to the world after reading his verses. Feres Khoury’s wonderful illustrations, blending various techniques such as watercolor, ink and glue, combine lightness and movement to the text. The artist does not limit himself to interpreting each poem in a linear way; he recreates it through the image. In this way, the illustrations encourage the child to look for underlying meanings in the text.

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