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17X26 cm | 44 page | BRL 58
ISBN 978-65-89835-33-2

Dreamers is the fourth and last book in the
"Grandpa's gift collection". In this story, three characters,
who are seen in passing in the other books, are
honored with a narrative that talks about the power of
dreams. Eterna, Constança and Perpétua - the Dreamwalkers
-, who live in That Place, have the gift of daydreaming
and living in their dreams. One day, Perpétua
collects a dream that she has been cultivating for a
long time, but realizes that it is broken and needs to be
adjusted. So she asks Deolinda and Tuzébio to take it
to the Cambeva flight so that it can be restored. Then,
once again, the children's curiosity sets them all off on a
quest that brings a heartwarming conclusion to this collection
with a charming message.

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