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FABÍOLA REIS Anita Prades |
César Landucci | Chris Mazzotta
| Deborah Engelender | Elisa
Carareto | Feres Khoury | Guto
Lacaz | Ionit Zilberman | Janaina
Tokitaka | Luise Weiss | Maria da
Betania Galas | Natália Gregorini
| Nelson Cruz | Tereza Meirelles |
Veridiana Scarpelli

17x26 cm | 80 pág | R$59



How many wolf stories have we read? The Three Little
Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, The Shepherd And The Wolf.
And how many different wolves could there be? For
Fabíola Reis, many. She tells and retells stories of wolves
contrasting faces: a hungry great-great-great-great-greatgrandfather
who turns vegan; a student who wants to
be the best cookie seller at the graduation party; a
movie star, tired of success who misses grandmother;
a falsely accused wolf, bullied by pigs; and even the
one who justifiably devours the girl, who was a bore.
These colorful and sometimes cuckoo personalities are
revealed in fifteen stories inspired by the classics but
played by Fabiola with humor and creativity. Each of
them is illustrated by a different artist, all invited to this
project to commemorate the ten years of ÔZé Editora.

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