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20X22 cm | 48 pages | BRL 62
ISBN  978-65-89835-39-4 

Fereshteh Najafi - illustrator selected for the International Illustrators' Exhibition at the Bologna Children's Book Fair 2024 for the images in Elephant Memory.  

This story is about a mother who, from a young age, had the dream of starting a family. More than that, she wanted a large litter, unlike what had happened to her, who was born alone -- as is the case with elephants, who keep their only offspring in their bellies for two years and don't think about the next one for a long time.

The dream came true: she got married, many children were born, then grandchildren, and she became the center of this much-desired world, whose address was a huge house whose door was always unlocked and whose kitchen was filled with jars of fruit jam in syrup. Like a lake on the African savannah, it was the place where everyone could quench their thirst.

But there is also something unpredictable in this story.

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