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21X21 cm | 36 pages | BRL 50
ISBN 978-65-89835-37-0

Nothing seemed to move the Red Bull. Not the blue sky, not the yellow sun, not the green pasture. Friends? None! Red Bull didn't like anything or anyone. In fact, he could barely see anything around him.

But how long could he live like this, alone and angry?

Red Bull is ÔZé Editora's first partnership with Colombian Dipacho, author and illustrator of several children's books, many of which have been translated into English, Portuguese, Italian and French. In 2023 he was one of the illustrators selected for the children's book fair in Bologna, Italy, with the book Once upon a bird (text by Gastón Hauviller).

With a curious play between words and illustrations, Red Bull leaves many questions open, and it's up to children - from zero to a hundred years old - to venture their own answers.

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