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13x17,5cm | 88 pág | R$45


Bologna 2015 catalog

Itaú Library 2016 and 2018


Seven Ears presents the saga of two families at a time when people took justice into their own hands. The author, Silvinha Meirelles, places the story in Minas Gerais, but this same story, with the same title and the same bloody characteristics, could also be told in many other corners of Brazil.
In the struggle for land demarcation, seven brothers cruelly kill one of the three brothers from another family. From there, unfolds the story of a lifetime in which one of the victim’s brothers travels throughout the state of Minas Gerais in pursuit of revenge. The trespassing of brothers is repeated throughout the narrative, fueled by fateful encounters of the avenging brother with the seven murderous brothers in the most unusual circumstances. Difficult to hold your breath or stop reading! Each chapter presents scenarios and characters that create an atmosphere of relentless suspense that invades the reader.
The saga of the Meirelles family is told by another family: Silvinha the mother wrote the text while Tereza, one of her daughters, illustrated the book and Nina another daughter, did the graphic design.

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