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A língua do vendaval

A língua do vendaval


translated by Dani Gutfreund
10 X 23 cm |18 pages | R$74
ISBN 978-65-89835-43-1
According to Gastón Hauviller, his book Esta noite, sonhei que era dragão, which is being published in Brazil by ÔZé, has two faces, just like the Moon, which has a visible face and a hidden one.
But unlike the satellite - whew! -- we can discover what's on the other side of Gastón's book. In it, the two faces appear and hide, open and close, like an accordion, and we walk through a world full of colors and a darker one. In addition to the images, the text also has two styles: on one side, we read a poem inspired by a very old Chinese recipe that reveals the ingredients needed to create a dragon.
Then we move on to the other side and play a game of not only imagining dragons, but also inventing names for them.
Tonight, I dreamt I was a dragon is an interactive book that offers a playful journey through changes, transformations and everything that the shape of the characters allows.

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