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17X26 cm | 44 page | BRL 58
ISBN 978-65-89835-26-4

Temporina is the second book of the "Grandpa's gifts" collection. A magical and enchanting book in which Temporina and Grandpa Cambeva (from Cambeva’s Oficina) meet again after her memories disappear out the window. And in losing her memories, Temporina also loses her color, and to restore her memories, Granma Cambeva enlists the help of Zalém, Calunga, Maria Metade, and the Dreamwalkers. At a crucial moment, Granma Cambeva makes Temporina face the character he has restored: the Realejo, and in the gathering of these two characters, the colors come back as a rainbow, along with all memories they both shared. A book about memories, recollections, affections, and love. Books from the same collection, but with independent stories.

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