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and Other Intelligent Animals


20,5x25cm | 56 pág | R$56

Library Itaú 2015
Bologna’s Catalog 2014
Featured 2013 – Emília Magazine
Book Fair of Porto Alegre 2014 – selected book

The poetry of the texts of Ronald Polito and the illustrations created by Guto Lacaz reveal the possible intimacy between image and word and provokes fun, reflection and extravagant ideas. A book to browse, look and read.
As we go through its pages, we come across a parade of amazing animals-characters whose stories and images make us look at the world as it is, and imagine how it could be by deconstructing and reconstructing models or references.
The authors delight adults and children by playing with words, images, traits, shapes, rhythms, rhymes, and metrics. Surprise, daring, humor and originality are part of this refined fauna that provokes and sharpens the reader’s imagination.

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